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Serdal Trading specializes in diversity and excellence in adding products that add value to the national economy. Our companies operate in both the local and international markets by manufacturing and trading the national uniforms of the UAE for men, and we own a factory for the production and sale of high-quality business uniforms, in addition to manufacturing and supplying firefighting suits and military uniforms. Serdal has a military license that allows it to supply all military supplies, including equipment and devices, for the benefit of the military and police authorities.



Razeen is a leading Emirati company made up of experts specialized in men’s tailoring, interested in highlighting the aesthetics of the Emirati traditional dress with all its inherited details, which in turn reflects the Emirati identity. Razeen’s team works to improve the men’s traditional clothing sector and expand its sales range in all emirates of the country.


Uniformity is a prominent UAE company specializing in manufacturing business uniforms for government agencies, and private enterprises. They have expanded their business to include the production of premium fire-fighting suits and all military uniforms.


Dhabyan is a trading firm that functions throughout the Arabian Gulf region, specializing in the distribution and supply of building materials utilized in a variety of construction projects. Their main function in the area is to offer an extensive selection of equipment to both government and private construction companies, aiming to enhance and expedite construction and building processes